being over weight is harmful for bones and knees


  • OSTEOARTHRITIS: Being overweight leads to premature damage to weight-bearing joints. Excess fat releases inflammation-causing proteins which increases the destruction of cartilage and joints.
  • OSTEOPOROSIS: Osteoporosis is a skeletal disease characterized by a reduction in bone mass. Those who have more fat around the waistline are more likely to have low bone mineral density, an osteoporosis.
  • NERVE COMPRESSIONS: Obesity is one of the risk factors for the musculoskeletal system disorders. Thus obesity impairs neuropathic pain intensity and nerve damage would be prominent in obese and overweight patients.
  • TROCHANTERIC BURSITIS: Excess weight or obesity can also contribute to trochanteric bursitis. This is because the excess weight places greater strain on the hip and area around it.
  • LOWER BACK PAIN: Being overweight, especially in the mid-section, shifts your entire center of gravity forward and puts additional strain on your back muscles.
  • TENDONITIS: Constant mechanical stress on the heel and tendon can cause inflammation, pain and swelling of the tendon. Being overweight can make the problem worse by placing more strain on many parts of the body, including the Achilles tendon.
  • PLANTAR FASCITIS: Excess weight can damage the plantar fascia, making it less able to absorb shock, which leads to heel pain. Upto 70% of patients with plantar fasciitis are obese.
  • GOUT: When people are overweight or obese, their bodies produce more insulin. “Higher levels of insulin circulating throughout the body inhibit uric acid elimination by the kidneys. This excess uric acid can lead to gout and gout attacks.

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